Regional Symposia Administration


Poster announcing the National JSHS
(for linking to regional symposia websites, and/or electronic distribution to high schools) -- click here. Please contact the National JSHS Office to obtain a high resolution file, suitable for printing.

Tri-service brochure - Presents undergraduate and graduate programs for STEM scholarship support -- pdf

JSHS 1-page Brochure -- click here

Administrative - Forms

JSHS Regional RFP, Academic year 2017-18 -- See short proposal for existing JSHS Regions, or full proposal for new regions

Proposals are due prior to September 1, 2017

  • JSHS Technical Proposal (Short proposal for existing regions) - pdf
  • JSHS Technical Proposal (Full proposal for new regions) - pdf
  • JSHS Cost Proposal - pdf or word
  • Calendar - Administrative deadlines, the subgrant and National registration - pdf
  • Request for Supplies - Link to the supply order page:
  • The National Association of Secondary School Principals has placed the JSHS on the NASSP National Advisory List of Student Contests and Activities for 2017-18. The Seal should appear on the main page of the JSHS. See seal -- 1) high resolution for print; or 2) low resolution for web.

    It is recommended that the seal be placed as a hyperlink to the NASSP website, specifically the Student Contests, Programs, and Activities page using as the link address. The statement of approval may appear with the seal if desired by the sponsor.

  • Annual report - JSHS Regional Symposia, Academic year 2016-17 - See word

Administrative - Awards

  • Scholarship Verification Form -To be signed by Regional Director and completed by student - pdf or word
  • Teacher Award - pdf -- word --

National JSHS -

Reports Annual Meeting of JSHS Regional Symposium Directors

  • Idea exchange - Symposium programming activities pdf
  • Idea exchange - Seeking external funding for the regional symposium pdf
  • Idea exchange - Networking and recruitment - word

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